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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): openSUSE Conference 2014 empezará el 24 de abril

Planet KDE Español - Vie, 01/10/2014 - 12:13

Año nuevo y ya tenemos noticias de openSUSE Conference 2014, Ya se sabía que se celebraría en Croacia, concretamente en Dubrovnik pero ahora ya tenemos muchos más datos. Si te interesa, sigue leyendo el artículo. ¿Qué es openSUSE Conference? Para los que no lo sepan, openSUSE Conference es la reunión anual de la Comunidad openSUSE …

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): Improv, un nuevo proyecto de hardware libre

Planet KDE Español - Jue, 01/09/2014 - 15:50

El hardware libre está en expansión. Arduino está de moda, Raspberry Pi es una alternativa económica y potente a los ordenadores tradicionales, Mecaduino empieza su andadura en este mundo, etc. Y, de la Comunidad de KDE nos lleva Improv, un nuevo proyecto de hardware libre.   La noticia apareció en noviembre, cuando Aaron Seigo (ex-presidente …

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KDE Ships January Updates to Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform

KDE News - Mar, 01/07/2014 - 20:35

Today KDE released updates for its Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform. These updates are the fifth in a series of monthly stabilization updates to the 4.11 series. Plasma Workspaces and the KDE Platform are frozen and receiving only long term support. Workspace development efforts are focused on Plasma 2; current generation Plasma Workspaces will continue to receive updates until August 2015. KDE Platform is in transition to Frameworks 5. So this release is focused on KDE Applications. The release contains only bugfixes and translation updates, and will be a safe and pleasant update for everyone.

Several recorded bugfixes include improvements to the personal information management suite Kontact, the UML tool Umbrello, the document viewer Okular, the web browser Konqueror, the file manager Dolphin, and others.The Plasma calculator can handle Greek letters now, and Okular can print pages with long titles. A bugfix brought Konqueror better web fonts support.

A more complete list of changes can be found in KDE's issue tracker. Browse the Git logs for a detailed list of changes.

To find out more about the 4.11 versions of KDE Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform, please refer to the 4.11 release notes.

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): KDE 4.11.5 disponible para su actualización

Planet KDE Español - Mar, 01/07/2014 - 20:01

Nuevo mes y, fiel a su cita, el equipo de desarrollo de KDE nos ofrece una nueva actualización de su escritorio. ¿Se puede ser más constante? KDE 4.11.5 disponible para su actualización   El 7 de diciembre fue lanzada la quinta revisión del magnífico escritorio KDE en su rama 4.11.x, es decir KDE 4.11.5. Esto …

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): KDE ePub Thumbnailer, vista previa de tus libros e KDE

Planet KDE Español - Mar, 01/07/2014 - 12:22

Cada vez es más habitual tener una buena colección de libros digitales, normalmente en formato ePub, en nuestros ordenadores y es agradable poder visualizarlos como si fueran libros físicos, es decir, viendo su portada. Esto requiere que nuestro navegador cree las miniaturas correspondientes y en KDE se puede conseguir gracias a KDE ePub Thumbnailer ¿Qué …

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Frameworks 5 Tech Preview

KDE News - Mar, 01/07/2014 - 11:00

The KDE Community is proud to announce a Tech Preview of KDE Frameworks 5. Frameworks 5 is the result of almost three years of work to modularize, review and port the set of libraries previously known as KDElibs or KDE Platform 4 into a set of Qt Addons, separate libraries with well-defined dependencies and abilities, ready for Qt 5. This gives the Qt ecosystem a powerful set of drop-in libraries providing additional functionality for a wide variety of tasks and platforms, based on over 15 years of KDE experience in building applications. Today, all the Frameworks are available in Tech Preview mode; a final release is planned for the first half of 2014. Some Tech Preview addons (notably KArchive and Threadweaver) are more mature than others at this time.

What is Frameworks 5?

The KDE libraries are currently the common code base for (almost) all KDE applications. They provide high-level functionality such as toolbars and menus, spell checking and file access. Currently, 'kdelibs' is distributed as a single set of interconnected libraries. Through KDE Frameworks efforts, these libraries have been methodically reworked into a set of independent, cross platform classes that will be readily available to all Qt developers.

The KDE Frameworks—designed as drop-in Qt Addon libraries—will enrich Qt as a development environment with functions that simplify, accelerate and reduce the cost of Qt development. Frameworks eliminate the need to reinvent key functions.

The transition from Platform to Frameworks has been underway for almost three years and is being implemented by a team of about 20 (paid and volunteer) developers and actively supported by four companies. Frameworks 5 consists of 57 libraries: 19 independent Qt addons not requiring any dependencies; 9 that require libraries which themselves are independent; and 29 with more significant dependency chains. Frameworks are developed following the Frameworks Policies, in a vendor neutral, open process.

This KDE News article has more background on Frameworks 5.

Available today

The tech preview made available today contains all 57 libraries that are part of Frameworks 5. Of these, two have a maturity level that shows the direction of Frameworks: ThreadWeaver and KArchive. Developers are invited to take all of the libraries for a spin and provide feedback (and patches) to help bring them to the same level of maturity.

KArchive offers support for many popular compression codecs in a self-contained, featureful and easy-to-use file archiving and extracting library. Just feed it files; there's no need to reinvent an archiving function in your Qt-based application! ThreadWeaver offers a high-level API to manage threads using job- and queue-based interfaces. It allows easy scheduling of thread execution by specifying dependencies between the threads and executing them while satisfying these dependencies, greatly simplifying the use of multiple threads. These are available for production use now.

The KDE Frameworks and their dependencies (overview is a work in progress)

There is a full list of the Frameworks; tarballs with the current code can be downloaded. Binaries are available as well.

The team is currently working on providing a detailed listing of all Frameworks and third party libraries at, the curated archive of Qt libraries. Each entry includes a dependency tree view. Dependency diagrams can also be found here.

Working towards a final release

The team will do monthly releases with a beta planned for the first week of April and a final release in the beginning of June.

Plans for this period include tidying up the infrastructure, integration with QMake and pkg-config for non-CMake users, getting CMake contributions upstream, and a final round of API cleanups and reviews. Frameworks 5 will be open for API changes until the beta in April.

Those interested in following progress can check out the git repositories, follow the discussions on the KDE Frameworks Development mailing list and contribute patches through review board. Policies and the current state of the project and plans are available at the Frameworks wiki. Real-time discussions take place on the #kde-devel IRC channel on

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KDE at FOSDEM 2014

KDE News - Lun, 01/06/2014 - 21:29

KDE will be at FOSDEM in Brussels on 1&2 February this year. We will have a stall both days showing off the latest builds of Frameworks 5 and Plasma 2. Saturday will see our Desktop devroom which is shared with GNOME, LXDE and Unity. There will be a a panel discussion with the governing bodies of the GNOME Foundation and KDE e.V. (the association that supports KDE), a presentation about KDE Frameworks 5, and a personal account of challenges and triumphs—"Do you have to be brain damaged to care about desktop Linux?.

If you want to help out in the KDE stall or in the desktop devroom, please sign up on the KDE at FOSDEM wiki page.

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): Cómo instalar Steam en Kubuntu

Planet KDE Español - Lun, 01/06/2014 - 05:54

Como regalo de reyes, y para los más jugones, hoy os traigo lo que puede ser el cambio de tendencia del mundo Linux para ordenadores personales: la apuesta de una empresa seria de llevar juegos de calidad nativos en Linux.  Así que hoy: Cómo instalar Steam en Kubuntu   ¿Qué es Steam? Para definir qué …

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KDE Commit-Digest for 15th December 2013

KDE News - Dom, 01/05/2014 - 14:35

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Marble adds support for bicycle routing, showing journey duration for OSRM routing
  • KHelpcenter adds alphabetical sorting for modules and category reorganization to make it easier to use
  • Akonadi speeds up appending new items
  • Plasma improves change wallpaper animation
  • Qt5/KDE Frameworks 5 effort includes porting and enabling SMB kioslave to Qt5/KF5.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): Cómo configurar las acciones de los bordes de pantalla en KDE

Planet KDE Español - Dom, 01/05/2014 - 06:33

Aunque el comportamiento de KDE por defecto es muy bueno, siempre existen algunas cosas que queremos modificar, cosa que suele ser de lo más sencillo en un escritorio tan personalizable como el que nos ocupa. Hoy, cómo configurar las acciones de los bordes de pantalla. Como he comentado hace poco, he instalado en el portátil …

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KDE Commit-Digest for 8th December 2013

KDE News - Sáb, 01/04/2014 - 16:27

In this week's KDE Commit-Digest:

  • Artikulate enables initial learner profile support
  • Marble gets implementation of movie capturing
  • Calligra gains Apple Keynote document import filter
  • Choqok gets initial implementation
  • KWin improves icon handling: uses a QIcon in client for the icons instead of Pixmaps and now all sizes are available in one QIcon allowing easy access the best fitting one
  • Plasma improves crash recovery for plasma-shell
  • KNotes is converted to Akonadi
  • Interesting work in progress: server-side search in Akonadi, online banking including sending credit transfers in KMyMoney.

Read the rest of the Digest here.

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): Noticias Krita vol 02: pinceles, Krita Lime y openGL

Planet KDE Español - Sáb, 01/04/2014 - 04:42

Noticias Krita es una sección del blog que nace para resumir las numerosas pero pequeñas noticias que genera el proyecto Krita, uno de los más dinámicos de la Comunidad KDE. Hoy lanzo la segunda edición: bienvenidos a Noticias Krita vol 02. Noticias Krita vol 02 Pinceles de acuarela gratuitos para Krita Krita sigue aumentando sus …

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KDE Blog (Baltasar Ortega): en las II Jornadas Libres: 15 y 17 de enero

Planet KDE Español - Vie, 01/03/2014 - 06:27

Las II Jornadas Libres de la UNED Vila-real fueron presentadas el 7 de octubre en un acto sencillo en la UNED de Vila-real. Durante el último trimestre de 2013 se han presentado proyectos tan interesantes como las Impresoras 3D, Linux y Arduino. Hoy me complace en recordar la presencia de en las II Jornadas …

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